The Databases of Money: Designing Payment Applications

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"It's the 'Zero to One' of payments"

"Really looking forward to read this one" — Esau Rodríguez, CTO at WiSL

"You writing a book on payments? Boy oh boy, I know that's going to be good without actually having to read it" — Ján Popeláš, Software Engineer, Fintech at

This is The Databases of Money: Designing Modern Payment Applications. You can read all about it in the announcement.

Who is it for?

This book is aimed at startup founders who are considering the possibility of accepting payments into their platforms, but after countless meetings with consultants and self-proclaimed payment experts, are still unsure and paralyzed.

What's included?

Concise, direct, and actionable advice that startup founders must be armed with to succeed at accepting payments from their customers cost-effectively.

Why should I read it?

In the startup world, success relies on information, especially when it comes to money. Despite numerous payment applications, even well-funded startups face project failures, stuck in a loop of repeating mistakes.

The book provides startup founders with expert insights to navigate payment application intricacies and avoid common pitfalls. It emphasizes the crucial role of money software in business, highlighting untapped benefits like superior risk models, cost-effective payment provider selection, and increased reliability in the face of outages.

For founders concerned about customer distrust and payments becoming a barrier to growth, "The Databases of Money" is a valuable resource, offering solutions to strengthen this essential aspect of their business.

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The Databases of Money: Designing Payment Applications

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